Urban Alchemy Regenerate Treatment Cap

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The third product line of URBAN ALCHEMY, named LUDUS TENORIS, contains intensely nourishing hair masks, which were developed for different needs of hair and scalp. Not only chemical treatments at the hairdresser's but also the daily styling with your the dryer, straightener or curling iron strains the hair and can leave lasting damages. The LUDUS TENORIS thermal treatment caps are perfect for strengthening damaged hair and providing it with important nourishing ingredients.

The hair masks are available in two versions. The regenerating thermal treatment cap 'regeneration' rebuilds damaged hair, while the thermal treatment cap 'nourishing' hair mask moisturizes the hair intensively and sustainably. The body heat that develops under the hair masks ensures that hair and scalp can optimally absorb the nutrients contained in the cures. Simply apply the hair masks to washed, towel-dried hair, leave in for 15 - 20 minutes and then rinse with water.

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