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Sunlights Balayage Lightener 500g

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Sunlights Lightener®, with up to six levels of lift with no heat, was designed specifically for the Balayage Artist. Unlike predominantly silica (sand) based foil lighteners, the kaolin (clay) in Sunlights provides the optimal consistency and saturation for painting hair. When you use a granulated foil lightener when painting balayage, you end up with puffing, dusting, bleeding, and holes in your highlighted streak. Quit getting frustrated and start using Sunlights today. One tub of lightener produces 34 balayage applications. Sunlights can be mixed with any manufacturers' creme developer.

Hair Type & Condition: For all hair types

Features & Benefits: Kaolin, or clay based, lightener, causes it to be smooth, silky and conditioning Helps to achieve an extraordinary amount of lift very rapidly Simultaneously leaving the hair in excellent condition


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