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SachaJuan Scalp Scrub

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SachaJuan Scalp Scrub

Gentle yet revitalising, the Sachajuan scalp scrub helps to reinvigorate your hair and scalp. Specially designed to soothe irritation and lessen the appearance of dandruff, the scrub leaves you with long-lasting comfort. Thanks to its balancing formula, you’ll benefit from deep relief and a sensation of calm. The scrub is ideal for anyone suffering from an oily or sensitive scalp, as it works to balance excess oils for a more natural end result.

Blended with Shea Butter Oil, Soy Bean and Climbazole, the scrub purifies your skin, lifting away impurities and build-ups while natural Sucrose gently exfoliates. It buffs away at your scalp’s surface, dislodging dead skin for a refreshed end result that’s less prone to dandruff. Detoxifying and clarifying, leftover product will be removed while moisture stays exactly where it needs to be.

A weekly addition to your haircare routine, the scrub locks in hydration while helping to unclog your follicles, supporting normal renewal and the maintenance of a healthier-looking head of hair.


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