SachaJuan Dark Volume Powder

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Dark Volume Powder is a powder-based spray with dark pigments that creates volume and provides structure especially created for dark hair. The product is dry and gives a matt finish and a fresh feel between shampoos. Dark Volume Powder is suitable for both long and short hair. Swedish Beauty Awards 2014 – Swedish Cosmetic Industry Award

Pigmented powder-based spray that creates volume and provides structure for dark hair Refreshes hair between washes – absorbs excess oils Adds volume, texture and grip to hair Vegan and Cruelty Free. Free from Parabens

  Spray on to the scalp from a distance of about 10 cm on dry hair and allow it to dry. Remove any surplus and style with your fingers. Protect clothing from the powder when applying. Shake the bottle well before applying. Before applying continue shaking the bottle for at least five seconds after you hear the mixing device inside begin to rattle.

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