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Oligo Professionnel

Oligo - The Heat on Copper Kit

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It is crucial for every stylist to have access to the finest copper formulas

available. Our stylist collection provides you with everything you need to ensure your copper creations truly stand out with long-lasting brilliance. With this comprehensive kit, you can confidently bring out the best in copper hues, making a lasting impact on your salon guest's hair.


Kit Includes:

1 Calura Gloss 8GK/8-34, 60 ml

1 Calura Gloss 6GK/6-34, 60 ml

1 Calura Gloss 8K/8-4, 60 ml

1 Calura Gloss 5K/5-4, 60 ml

1 Calura Gloss 8KG/8-43, 60 ml

1 Calura Gloss 6KG/6-43, 60 ml

2 Gloss Developer 7 VOL. (2%), 240 ml

Formulas and techniques by Ashlee Allen ‒ @aaashleee Martina Nicholas ‒ @4allcurlkind Jade Federico ‒ @colour.jade


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