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Oligo Professionnel

Oligo Smart Bond Building Essentials Kit

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This kit outlines best practices to keep your guests' hair healthy whether you are lightening, colouring or simply offering a standalone treatment!

This stylist kit includes:

1 x Blacklight SMART Hair and Scalp Care Oil, 2.7oz
1 x Blacklight SMART Bond Building & Repair Treatment, 5oz
1 x Blacklight SMART Bond Protection & Strengthening Concentrate, 3.4oz
1 x Blacklight SMART Purifying Shampoo, 8.5oz
1 x Blacklight SMART Repair Conditioner, 8.5oz


1 x Exclusive business class by Nina Tulio - @ninatulio
The essentials of building your business with SMART.
1 x Exclusive step-by-step by JLadner - @itsmrjladner


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