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Oligo Professionnel

Blacklight Smart Concentrate + Treatment 490ml Duo

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Blacklight Smart Bond Builder and Repair Treatment builds new and repairs existent hair internal bond linkages. It also offers the following benefits:

- Restores CMC (Cell Membrane Complex) integrity and function
- Nourishes the hair and replenishes hair primary lipid
- Treats and repair a wide range of ethnic hair types
- Enhances shine and manageability
- Creates additional hydrogen bonds and ionic bonds in hair
- Restores hair's fibre strength
- Offers UV protection, hair colour protection and frizz control
- Contains 11 amino acids.

The Blacklight Smart Bond Protection and Strengthening Concentrate is a standalone pro treatment or additive to be added to chemical treatments. Composed of proteins extracted from rice, this product strengthens hair inner structure and protects its surface during chemical treatments. It also offers porosity control. 

Product naturally derived ingredients percentage: 99.23%  


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