We’re excited to announce that Oligo Professionel is launching the following several NEW products this Fall.

1) NEW Pastels Series Toners for Calura
2) NEW Neutral Series for Calura
3) NEW Blacklight 18 in 1 Hair Beautifier
4) NEW Quadraplex

1) NEW Pastels Series Toners for Calura
– P-1 ASH (blue base)
– P-12 PEARL (blue /violet base)
– P-32 BEIGE (yellow/blue/violet base)
– P-82 CHAMPAGNE (brown/blue/violet  base)

-these pastel series shades should be processed on pre-lightened hair level 9 or 10
-use 10 vol developer leave on for 3 to 10 minutes .
-Clear can be used to slow down the speed of color deposit

2) NEW Neutral Series for Calura

– the NEUTRAL series will have 7 levels (3/5/6/7/8/9/10)
– 100 % grey coverage
– the base of this series is BLUE ,RED AND YELLOW .

How do they work ? They are perfect balance of all 3 primaries .they are neither cool nor warm!

3) NEW Blacklight 18 in 1 Hair Beautifier

– 18 different applications from a Leave In Treatment to a Cutting Lotion, this will do it all!
– For Highlighted, Bleached & Coloured Hair
– Enriched with 11 Amino Acids and Argan Oil
– 100% Vegan

4) NEW Quadraplex

This category is becoming very popular and Oligo Professionel decided to see what it was all about What they found was during the colouring and/or bleaching process there are 4 bonds that get damaged

– Quadraplex is the ONLY one in this category that repairs ALL 4 bonds in the hair (the leading brand only repairs 2 of the 4 bonds)
– Quadraplex is also less expensive by OVER 50% than the current leading brand while delivering the same if not BETTER results!
– PLUS you can purchase each item of the 3 Phase System individually as needed!

As always, we’d like to thank each and every one of you for your continued support!

Your dedication to wanting the best for your clients at a price that is affordable (for you and them) is Tru-ly remarkable! We are proud and humbled to be a part of YOUR team!

We Tru-ly appreciate YOU, your SALON and your SUPPORT!
Best Regards,
Roshan Arul